karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Notes on the night eating.

Thanks to Peggy and the Peanut Butter (sounds like a children's book) I'm doing much, much, much better on this. I still wake up several times a night WANTING to eat, but am generally able to short-circuit it by taking a hot bath or reading for a while. Sometimes reading in a hot bath. I did have a few slips last week. What I've noticed is I have to wake ALL THE WAY up in order to have enough presence of mind to do something besides eat. If I stay in a sort of half-stupor, then I'm nothing but a mindless fruit eating zombie.

It really is a stupor. I've literally woken up with half-eaten fruit in my hands, or worse and more embarrasing, hubby has found peels or bits of fruit in the bed. He is rather understandably grossed out by this, which is another reason, beyond the pure food/weight/gut/daddy issues, that I really want to eliminate the behavior.
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