karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

We're going to Maui!

Not for my 50th birthday as once hoped, but at least this year and presumably while I still have adequate funds to pay for it, or at least manage the credit card debt we will incur. After three years we finally got the BIG BILL we ran up on the London/Scotland trip of 2011. This one won't be nearly so massive, but it's not exactly borscht either.

The reason I can finally book in more or less good conscience is as follows: Unless people are going out of their way to egregiously lie to me, I am still in the running for the next round of interviews for the Amex position. However, that job which was originally scheduled to start training in July if I did get it (which would mean no Maui) has now been postponed until August due to a building delay at SFO. (I'm guessing it's union-related, yet another reason I'm pro-labor.)

Now obviously, I'm still applying for jobs like crazy and mostly getting the sound of crickets, and still trying to nudge my former employer into taking me back without sounding as desperate as I am. I will make sure I book this puppy with oodles of travel insurance so that IF something wonderful happens requiring me to be somewhere reporting for duty the week of July 14, I can do so.

Just gotta make sure Hubby has HIS time off confirmed.

I love Maui so much. My other spiritual home along with San Francisco and London. Basically I plan to rent a bicycle and do a ton of cycling around the Island, and spend the rest of my time either sitting on a lawn chair under a palm tree on the lawn in front of Lahaina Shores reading old New Yorkers or sitting in the hot tub in the OMG BATHING SUIT, I will actually buy sometime before departure. You don't want to know how long it's been since I was in one of those. I mean ages....I think even on the cruise to Alaska in 2002, I was already only comfortable going in with shorts and a jog bra.

But guys, I am so happy---this is a major weight (haha) off my shoulders....and since you know I couldn't let it go for a whole post....I did beat that one pound back into submission, so no scale angst this week. Wheeeeee!

No brunch drama either-my only planned "out" meal is a lunch in Japan-town with Hubby on Saturday in between his two performances with the group of Shakuhachi players, and even I can't get too stressed over a nice bowl of Udon with plenty of veggies in it.

Now, onto the Presidio 10 this Sunday. 10-K only, not the 10 miles, but still the longest I've done in a race in over two (maybe more) years and while I'm not "competitive" I'd like to put in a respectable time, and maybe not come in last.
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