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Jason-the saga continues:

About four years ago THIS happened. (Short version-old obsession shows up at the Mint. I don't recognize him and I feel too fat and ugly to really talk to him once it's brought to my attention.)

Last week, it happened again. Same thing, Daddy Dave goes, "Hey isn't that Jason?" I go "My Jason...I don't think so." Only it is. Only this time I'm NOT fat and ugly. This time is now and I've just had my hair done by Sebastian. Now is the time. So this time....

M and J

But far more important....after over 20 years of obsession:

This, ladies and gentleman, is Jason FUCKING Chandler and yours truly singing Baby, I Love Your Way. I love how askance Bryan Ferry on my shirt looks at the whole thing...I can't tell if he's jealous or trying to cozy up to Jason. Also, is it me, or does Jason with gray hair and glasses, look a bit like Keith Olbermann?

JM singing

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