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Presidio 10-10K


Distance: 6.15 mi
Time: 1:37:13
Avg Pace: 15:47 min/mi
Calories: 486 C

Surprise hill and bridge! Somehow I'd missed the fact that we were going over the Golden Gate Bridge, which means going up a hill to get there. Just as well. If I'd known I might not have signed up. As it was, I found out 20 minutes ahead of time and all I could do was...run up the hill.

Crisp weather, not too much wind on the bridge. Not a particularly fast time, but given it's the first 10-K in AGES and surprise hill and my advanced age of decripitude, I'm pretty happy with it.
I was definitely with the caboose crew but not THE LAST. I'll give you the exact stats when posted.

Now I'm taking a nap.
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