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I've decided to add the Pride Run to my race schedule

Pride Run 2014

The last time I did it...two or three years back, I'd intended to do the 10-K and could barely manage 5 (all of 3.1 miles). This time it's 10-K all the way. It gives me a chance to be part of Pride, even though I'm really OVER the parade/crowd part and my involvement mostly consists of hanging out at the Mint on Pride Sunday. Plus, since it's on a Saturday, rather than a Sunday, it doesn't screw with "Hubby Time" too much.

It also gives me a calendar day for June to keep me in line. There's been a few too much "slip-sliding away" in the food department. I weighed in early (BAD GIRL) because I KNEW it was going to show up on the scale and I wanted to scare myself straight sooner rather than later. OH OK, it was a compulsive act of self-abuse, but you say potato, I say, no thanks, I can't handle the starch.

On the other hand, recent cravings would inidicate I do need some carbs. I'll make some quinoa tonight. (55 calories 1/4 cup. Yes, I am the Rain Man of calorie counting.)

Up 2. SIGH! But you can't have the amount of cheating and splurges I've done in the last week and not pay the price. At least I can't. My body hates me so much.

Fun fact about fat cells, boys and girls: THEY NEVER GO AWAY! Unless you pay to get the little bastards sucked out of your body, they stay forever. You can shrink and starve them down to nothingness, but the second you start putting crap or even extra calories back in your body, they're there waiting to swell up and make little fat cell babies. THAT'S part of the reason why "maintenance" is actually bullshit. THE FAT CELLS ARE ALWAYS WAITING FOR YOU.

Which is why I have to put yogurt on the NOPE list. Because no matter how few calories they get it down to, unless it's plain and unsweetened, any half-way decent to eat yogurt us still just sugar and calories waiting to fill a fat cell.
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