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I love you Bryan! I love you so much.

Now and forever. And seriously...he may be 68, but if he wanted me (HAH!) he could have me, via any orifice he wanted.

I am so glad I spent the money getting a good ticket for ME! ME! ME! plus the "Telegraph Room" upgrade, so I had place to chill while the extremely twee opening act was doing her, "I used to live in Paris and here's a song I wrote about it" schtick. I had access to a separate coat check and THANK YOU DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN bathroom.

In the past, I've always scrimped on the tickets so I could have a companion, but almost nobody I know loves Bryan like I do, so it was always a bit of a waste. (Hubby was bored out of his kugel.)

These were probably the best seats I've ever had (aside from standing in front of the stage at the Warfield and my aging feet and back are way past those days.) Bryan was so UP for the show. I love that he still loves doing it, that he loves the audience and that we love him back.

He looked very fit in the Black and Gold brocade jacket and black pants. Mrrrrrooooowwwww.

Even though it's officially the "Can't Let Go" tour, he didn't actually sing "Can't Let Go." Or anything from The Jazz Age, Olympia, Dylanesque, Frantic or Mamouna. I think the most recent material was Kiss and Tell from Bete Noir. He did a LOT of old Roxy, where he was at the keyboards. There was a hot chick sax player doing the Andy McKay parts and the drummer was also a hot check. Two back up singers, dressed in outfits that looked like slightly sexier/spanglier versions of the bee-girl outfit from the Blind Melon video. One was a bigger lady, but had great legs. They weren't particularly choreographed and lot of their dancing was mostly "jumping around like crazy." No sexy back-up dancers this time. Great light show. I LOVE that Bryan still brings an awesome 70's style light show to a smaller theater like the Fox.

The guy sitting next to me kept bitching that he couldn't hear Bryan over the band, but I could hear him just fine and Bryan's voice is always buried a bit in the Roxy mix anyway.

My favorite moment came in the "Avalon" (the album)section...after the extended "Tara" instrumental (showcasing the sax girl) and Take A Chance With Me, he stood by keyboards and did a few bars of "More Than This" just him and the keyboard with the beams of light coming off him. I nearly cried because that's STILL my favorite Bryan or Roxy song and the delivery was so heartfelt and simple. Then the whole band kicked in and Avalon started. GUH. Just GUH.

The last song was Jealous Guy which just eats me up when he sings it, bringing all the emotion Bryan puts in as well as the residual John Lennon feels.

Setlist-Remake Remodel, Kiss & Tell, Slave to Love (MAJOR SQUEEEEEEE) By this time the tie was already hanging off his neck, quite deliciously. Same Old Blues. Ladytron. If There Is Something. Oh Yeah. Then there were two older Roxy songs I don't know by name. Tara, Take A Chance With Me, More Than This, Avalon, Band introductions, Virginia Plain.

Love Is The Drug, Both Ends Burning, Editions of You, Let's Stick Together, Jealous Guy.

The only bad part was that it had to end, but I felt both wiped out emotionally and deeply satisfied. (Because you know that's how I'd feel after Bryan and I....well you get the idea.)

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