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Long bike ride.


Distance: 27.75 mi
Time: 3:50:13
Avg Speed: 7.2 mph

I planned to hit the long hill up to the Legion of Honor, but it was SO WINDY riding west at the Marina Green that I felt like I was going uphill for miles anyway.

Very sunny out. Got a bit dehydrated.

Garmin says I burned 3289 calories, but since it thinks I ran it, rather than rode a bike, I'm dubious.

I came home, made brunch for Hubby, ate veggies/hardboiled eggs and quinoa, and then got my nails done.
Picked up laundry and gook a LOVELY nap.

Tomorrow is brunch at Greens with the lovely filthgoblin, who I haven't seen since last May (it was Bay to Breakers day) and Mr. G, who I've never had the pleasure of meeting before.
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