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Lousy morning

First thing-flat tire on the bike AGAIN and this time it wouldn't even hold a pump long enough to get out the garage door. Had to take BART to work, schlepping all the Tupperware with fruits and veggies that I normally carry on the bike. Then when I got to the office to put it all the fridge, I had a margarine-fingers moment and most of the cauliflower hit the floor. I so desperately wanted to ditch the gym and numb everything out with a nice rage-binge.

I went to the gym.

15 min stair-master
Stability ball-squats (20lbs), abs.
Shoulder lunges and front raises 1 set of 10 each with 20lbs
Side raises and lateral raises-5 and 5 with 16 lbs.
Foam roller-Quads, IT band and butt.

Yesterday was a rest day, but I did roll out and did a lot of walking in the Marina Green/Crissy Field/Presidio area with filthgoblin and Mr. G. Approx 4 miles. Had a splurge brunch at Greens, which was fucking delicious and amazing, but the "splurge mentality" leaked into the rest of the day, son't say I had a good food day OR a clean night. I'll have to start counting again.

Terrified of the scale this week. Feeling massive. (I realize that icon pic indicates otherwise, but this is about how I feel, not anything as ludicrous as reality.)

Just to make things really fun, my co-worker is back east and the floater has never worked on this account.
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