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Yesterday was Shit!

I went to the gym...did foam roller and 30 min on the EFX cross-ramp. Then weighed in and was up another lb. I basically went beserk and binged all day. I mean HARD-CORE shoveling crap, hiding it in my desk so no one could see, everything from Mickey D's to Yoppi Yogurt fucking Debbie's Oatmeal Creme's until I WISHED I knew how to purge.

So today back on the wagon (and the bike, which I had fixed yesterday) and a few tweaks, mostly on the food front. I'm trying some modified paleo stuff-i.e. flax milk instead of nonfat and I'm going to try to eliminate the rest of the limited dairy I'm still doing. Also I'm swapping my Acai Berry supplement for Hydroxycut. I'm a little "buzzy" today, but not too bad. I think if I stick to one with some kind of base food I should be ok.

I've also decided to listen to my trainer/coach/friend/sponsor/girl crush and knock off the scales for a bit. I'm committed to not weighing for two weeks. Also trying to get a little less Rain-Man-like with the calorie counting. I'm writing down amounts...I finally got a food scale again...but not the actual calorie counts, even though I do basically know them by heart.

Bike ride:
Garmin stats-
1 hr 29 minutes 18 seconds
10.10 miles.

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