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Back on vacation.....

but I'm going nowhere.

Sunday I talked to a woman who own's a local dog-walking company and the discussion (like most of my other research into my "follow your bliss" job) was uniformly discouraging and depressing.
The dream seems increasingly unlikely, especially as I had envisioned it, with me biking all over town and walking the doggies in their local areas for something resembling a living wage. It just doesn't happen that way, and my lack of a truck and a valid driver's license could turn out to be the major impediment, along with licensing restrictions. Apparently you have to pay a chunk of change and go through a shitload of training before you can even pick up a leash.

In the meantime, the Amex people keep telling me I'm still in the running for the Centurion Club job, but that said club will not be open until August and the next round of interviews will be the first week in June as apposed to May.

So although I'm still sending out applications and making inquiries, my gameplan right now is to hold on until the Amex things happens or is definitely ruled out.

Hubby is thrilled, although he continues to be a bit of a prick about my food issues. I can't say I blame him as the guano is piling higher and deeper. My inability to be remotely spontaneous about eating out is grinding us both down.

Yesterday I went to the gym for weights AND had a flexibility/stretching session with Peggy. Today about 4 1/2 hours on the bike for a total of about 33 miles.

It's been two weeks of transitioning to modified primal/paleo (still hanging on to my 1/4 of quinoa or brown rice on cardio days) and staying off the scale and using "Sir Speedy" and working my fucking ass off running/biking/lifting weights. Tomorrow we face the music scale. If there is not at least some movement, even 1/2 pound in the downward trajectory, there will be hell to pay of some variety. Of course there may be a different brand of hell to pay if I have lost. Or maybe the same hell....who knows?

On the other hand...ummm....my nails look nice. I got my silk wraps done with OPI's Congaline Coral, another happy color.

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