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I did it bitches!

131 pounds! That's my "trophy" number. Sixty pounds lost since I came out of denial last June. We all did it, since I couldn't have gotten here without all of you, even the ones who mostly expressed concern at the out and out batshittery I indulged in, and may well continue to.

I realize this is not THE END, but actually the beginning of the really hard part. I can't stand the word "maintainnnance" since (as the philosopher Dylan tells us) "He not busy being born, is busy dying." Peggy likes "sustainability," but that makes me feel like a sapling in the Amazon. (Not an imperfect metaphor, but not one I'm crazy about.) I'm going with "remission." Not saying that fat is a disease per se, but in my case, it's certainly the symbol of one, whether you want to call it compulsive over-eating or just being majorly fucked up.

I'd also like to thank the Academy the little people:
1. Hubby. He's put up with A LOT.
2. Peggy. Even when I put my fingers in my ears and went LALALALA
3. Jim for suggesting Paleo/Primal.
4. Bubbles at work. We track weight loss together.
5. Yanni-he's a bastard, but he's always been honest with me.
6. Bi-rite/Whole Foods/Casa Thai (a produce store, not a Thai Restaurant.) Basically the City of San Francisco for NOT being a food desert, or you know, New Jersey.
7. Public Bike-I couldn't have done it without bike commuting and extra riding and the folks there are spectacular at NOT making me feel like a dork everytime something goes wrong with the machine.
8. Once again, youse guys!

So now the story becomes how I keep it off, keep exercising, and hopefully take my new self into a new job. I hope you'll all continue the journey with me.
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