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Why I love Daddy Dave!

I got my food brought over from the place next to the Mint and then I looked at Daddy Dave and made eye-contact to ask how soon I was coming up to sing again so I could decide whether I had time for another song or not. This girl was on stage kicking ass on "If I Could Turn Back Time," and Daddy was dancing and waving his arms and when I caught his eye, he put up one finger (like "Were #1") so I'd know I was the next person up. I did my song, ended up on a good note and got out with the sushi and tempura so that I got home by 8:00PM making hubby happy.

I got there really early and sang a lot of stuff.
1. Elenore-The Turtles
2. Anna (Go To Him)-The Beatles
3.Out Here On My Own-Irene Cara
4.Downtown Train-Rod Stewart
5.Cry Me a River-Joe Cocker (Lousy arrangement. Abject failure.)
6. Sunset Boulevard-I did it brilliantly, but I was pissed off because a whole bunch of people were paying no attention whatsoever. BASTARDS!
7.Halfway to Paradise-Billy Fury

It was kind of a weird night in that I heard more songs than usual that I'd never even heard of, which makes me feel really, really old. (Should not knowing songs by The Darkness, Incubus, Foo Fighters, etc make me feel this ancient?)

NOVEL 2008 is well under way. While I had the notebook out at the Mint I got a couple of brainstorms about plotting that will help immensely, including what I think will be the ending. I'm not sure exactly how I get there, but at least I know where I'm going.

Here's a random snippet for you:

I wanted a drink, but settled for coffee. If Mitch was was freaking out, I'd have to be sober enough to deal with it and I had to keep an eye on him during the rehearsal in case he went up on the lyrics.


It wasn't Mitch's voice or any other that I'd ever heard. I liked it enough to turn around and see the face that went with it. I liked that even better.

Monday-Gym (mostly for the hot shower, but I did do some weights.)
Tuesday-8 miles
Thursday-Lunchtime walk including Greenwich Street steps.
Sunday-90 minutes of hill work around Dolores Park.

For my gym workouts, I've been trying to beef up my weights because I have a tendancy to wuss out a little. On the other hand, this means that my neck was in a bit of screaming pain yesterday. Lots of time with the heating pad and I was ok, but no exercise yesterday.

About a month till the next Half Marathon

Saturday we bulldozed through the rest of the 1st season of Heroes. I wouldn't say it's up there with House and Torchwood, but it's not producing visceral loathing. Plus I'm now available to Beta for Heroes fics with a trifle more comprehension. There's no character who has a House or Jack effect on me and I'm not being bitten by any plot bunnies. That's a good thing for the Novel. However it's another place I can go, if mmom proves irresistible again.

This afternoon, we went over to Psycho-sis' apartment for belated X-mas gift exchange. I brought sandwiches from Bi-rite and things were actually pretty mellow.

Hubby came to the Mint with me afterwards, mostly to annoy more people with his camera. He is REALLY INTO IT!

Off to do a meme.
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