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You can't lose all the time!

1. I really thought I was going to have to quit my job today. I was expecting a barrage a flack about the stuff I left undone on Friday OR getting immediately saddled with the challenging prick client, who pretty much drove my co-worker to quit, either one of which would have let to my walking out, regardless having NOTHING lined up in the way of an actual new job.

2. I had a pretty good airing out with my manager, who apparently had NO IDEA that anyone on the account was so fucking miserable that quitting felt like the only option. Now she has a bit more of a clue, including just how close to edge I am, as well. I told her in no uncertain terms how bad the account is and that morale is lower than whale shit. I doubt this will change anything, but now she can't act quite so shocked, shocked when the next domino goes, especially if it's me.

2a-In fact, hilariously, or sadly depending on how you look at it...the big international trip that was LOOOOOOOOOOMING over co-worker (and the rest of us) has been canceled at least temporarily.

3. After Bay to Breakers, I went to a Walgreen's on Powell St. (Long story) and didn't use my ATM card, but did have it out. Then when I was looking for the card later I couldn't find it. I did have a back-up at home that I was able to get activated, so I could go stuff my face---sometimes you do lose---but the bigger concern was having to cancel the ATM or risk another round of fraudulent charges.

I just called the Walgreens on Powell St. They have my card! WHEW!

4. People who hate me are still following me enough to know that I'm out of fandom, but am now "bitching about my real life." Bwhahahahahahah. Always nice to be living rent-free in people's heads.
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