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White knuckle update

I ate a LOT of fruit yesterday. Like five fresh apricots in nearly one fell swoop. Plum, nectarine, peach. Hey, it's spring and the stone fruits are baaaaaaaack and delicious. But nothing else besides the allotted protein and veggies. I did peanut butter and a salmon burger with some breadcrumbs in it, so not pure paleo, but no refined sugar, including no dips into the massively tempting pints of a "Three Twins" ice cream that hubby keeps around. He can eat a few spoonfuls and stop. Suffice to say, I can't. If I start, it doesn't stop until I see the bottom of the barrel as it were.

Still have to face brunch today---assuming we go to Chow, I'm committing to you, the Universe, Peggy, my mother, my dog and clowns, that I will have the quinoa/fruit/yogurt, which is hilariously EVIL by paleo standards, but about the only low-fat, non triggery thing I can get there.

Very stiff and sore from the bike ride, plus a headache...probaby fruit sugar hangover. Waiting for Flexeril and Aleve to kick in.

We rented The Amazing Spider Man last night and will go see the sequel today.


I'll check in later----love you all! (Take my hand....take my whole life toooooooooo....)
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