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Better living thru chemistry!

Life is good. Aside from getting my Flexeril two or so weeks ago, I just got the OK for refills of my Vicodin and to have my birth control refilled without having to go thru another "well woman" check-up. Is that the dumbest euphemism for a good old pap-smear you've ever heard in your life? I liked my dad's expression: Fox hole inspection. Of course he also referred to pretty much any kind of male cologne or after shave as "whore bait."

Meanwhile, oh blessed Vicodin. I don't need it often, but when I need it I really need it. Like today I had some FUCKED UP KNEES from doing lunges yesterday. Mostly I need it for long run days, because when I put in the miles, my lower back muscles spazz out something fierce and it takes Flexeril and Vicodin to keep me from having to crawl on my belly just to get around the house. As it is I'm probably doing the granny walk for at least a day.

Mind you I'm the recovering drug addict/alcholic who won't take Nyquil, no matter how bad I'm sniffling or eat a dessert (assuming I was in dessert mode) if it has liqueur in it. But goddammit, if I've got back pain, I want my fucking opiates and I want them now.

So I guess that makes me a raging hypocritical drug addict.

I can live with that.
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