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Pimp-Post for omni_fiction!

Hello there, to new friends and old who may not be aware of this community.

Do you have a fic written for a small or obscure fandom that you'd like give another chance at an audience?

Have you written fiction in a major fandom, but for a pairing that is rare, unpopular, or practically unheard of?

Did you create a fic with some hard-core kinks or adult themes that you'd like to post without having to outline all the possible squicks in the warnings? All you have to do is use one of three ratings: Green, Yellow or Red.

If you have written or are planning to write anything like that, or think you'd like to have more access to those kind of stories, please join omni_fiction. I'm very honored to be the co-moderator along with haldane and we'd like to increase membership and posting. We're very interested in getting more diversity of fandoms. Right now there's a heavy slant toward Torchwood and House, but please bring over fics in any fandom you've written for that doesn't seem to have a "natural home." And please bring yourself.
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