karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Aches and pains

I threw some lunges into my routine on Wednesday and yesterday my knees were NOT HAPPY about it at all.

This morning I tried to flex my foot when I woke up and instigated a muscle spam so intense I woke up hubby with my gasping and as soon as it subsided I made a bee-line for the bathroom to soak it, and downed Ibuprofen and Flexeril as quickly as I could.

Peggy is trying to get me to stop running and Hubby is backing her up, although he's not so thrilled that she thinks I'm biking too much.

Sorry both of you...I need cardio. Can you imagine how bad things could get if I went back into a dumpster dive and WASN'T exercising?

So today I got out on the bike for 10.96 miles before work and tomorrow I'm going to "stack" my workouts and try for some runnings miles. Hopefully if I can keep the paleo up, I'll soon be leaning out. (As opposed to being on MSNBC and leaning forward.)

I'm probably listening to too many paleo oriented pod-casts. I have no interest in doing Cross-fit, but I love the lingo. Also hearing all the Cross-fitters crowing about their PR's MAY have contributed to my really pushing some extra weight yesterday and throwing a seat of dead-lifts into the circuit.

I'm going to give the nuts and avocados and maybe even sweet potatoes one more try as part of the Whole30 I'm doing, just to have some options for changing things up. As long as I'm in "Leave it alone, don't touch" mind about the sugar and refined carbs, I'm going doing the fattier stuff in their weighed and measured quantities. Once the bad thoughts slip back in and I'm on Binge Mission or fending one off...then it all becomes shovel food.
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