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I'm back up to 20 push-ups!

Happy First Day of Summer!

I've literally been building up one day at a time. I'm not sure if it's Paleo-related energy or just me forcing the issue, but 20 push-ups, mostly consecutive and NO coming out of plank it is.

This nut thing is still goading me, but even with nuts, I gotta tell ya, I look fucking ripped above the waist---still have some pooch, but I THINK it's decreasing, and Hubby tells me my arse has pretty much left the room.

I'm up to day 19 of my Whole30 challenge and still struggling with the prospect that there might be more to diet life than the calories in-calories out paradigm, but there is some fairly convincing research that is all chemistry and not anthropology.

Not sure I'm ready to go completely heretical though. The lady at the laundry was going on about how skinny I've gotten, at least I think that's what she was on about. We have a language barrier problem.

One week to the Pride Run 10-K, so my exercise goal for the week is to go easy on my legs, especially my creaky knees. I did 30 minutes of Stairmaster at the gym and a lot of stretching/foam roller. Aside from bike commuting, I'm not doing any riding or pavement pounding until Saturday.

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