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Nordstrom Rack let us down!

As did Ross, so we took the middle ground and headed for Macy's, where after a bit of perusal, Yanni let go of his original concept, which something like a tightly cut sheath dress with a blazer over it and we basically went with the pre-matched separates by Jones New York. I came out of the dressing room and Yanni basically announced we were done, except I was trying a size 10 blouse that was too big...so every piece of the suit is a Size 8. I do think there's some vanity sizing involved, but it's still gratifying. I've been to paradise, but I've never been a size 8.

The interview is set for 7A at the airport, Tuesday. I'll call a cab around 530AM. Tomorrow is going to be a pain, both because I'm going to have be shpilkes about the interview and having to at least pretend to give a shit about my "real" job.

Also, since I can't be carrying a bag of food to the interview, I have to get two days worth of food to work tomomrrow. I eat three meals at work so that's three measured portions of protein/veg/fruit X 2. I'll ride the bike tomorrow---leave it overnight---and ride it home after work Tuesday, which also means leaving my heavy coat at the office tomorrow.

I bought a ton of stuff at Walgreens today, but forgot to get pantyhose, which I need multiples of, because you KNOW there's going to be a run the first time I try to put one on.

Goddess nails are done with a very pale, but not girly pink. Professional and conservtive looking---I hope.
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