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I think the interview went well. I looked good, I felt good. The interviewer was a total sweetheart. Lots of laughing, etc. BUT there is still the possibility that I came across as too needy and desperate for the job, because I am, you know, needy and desperate for the job.

She said she wanted to have the hiring wrapped up by the end of the week, so I spend Wednesday (which was stupid, since I knew she was still interviewing) and the rest of the week so far obsessively checking my email. SO MUCH STRESS. Very hard to care or focus on work, especially I got nasty little chew-outs two days in a row and had to do the grovely thing. BLECH.

Finally today I couldn't take the shpilkes anymore, so I called one of my contacts and asked if I was likely to hear today or if it would go until Monday or later. She was kind enough to call back and say it would be next week. She also said she'd gotten positive feedback about my interview.

So I get to sweat this out over the Pride weekend.

The upside is that IF I'd gotten the word today and it was good news, it would have been very hard not to do a Johnny Paycheck, because my manager pissed me off something fierce by ragging on me about my showing up late. There's no question that I am late, and the fact is it's hard to show up for a job you don't give a shit about and have come to actively loathe. What I said was, "I guess I need to work on my motivation." It's hilarious how she's going to have to act all "I never saw it coming" like she did with my co-worker, when DUH!

Anyway, I don't have enough F-U money in the bank to walk away now when the new job won't start until August. Also, I need to be working here for at least two more weeks to get the vacation time that I'm using for Maui.

So....it's going to be a verrrrryyyyy long weekend.
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