karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

The scale says 134 1/2

That's down from 141 a month ago. Taking into account that 141 was the morning after the end of a NASTY binge, and possibly still full of menstrual guck, that's still pretty impressive considering that I ate a lot of nuts the first 20 days and then was having night binges on figs and apricots.

I'd say the intermittent fasting has helped tremendously. Basically I've worked my way back to 9PM as the cut-off and I don't eat after that. No matter how many times my body decides to wake me up and say "let's eat," I some manage not too, even if it means a hot bath or something. I like hot baths, especially with a Lush bath ball or some aromatherapy bath salts. I don't get to eat until 5A so my body has that 8 hours to do whatever it does.

2nd of all the green smoothies. I know it sounds gross. It even looks gross. But there it is. 1 cup coconut or almond milk, 1/4 banana, a few kale leaves and some ice cubes. Voila.

That and no gluten/grain/sugar/sweetener/dairy and yes I ate a lot of fatty, grass-fed meat. I'm really starting to believe that the Calories In/Calories Out paradigm may not be the be-all/end-all of this process.

Oh, and I worked out like a SUMBITCH all month, especially the weights. Seriously, kiddies, I look ripped. The tummy is in retreat. You all saw the size 8 suit. I measured my waist this AM and it's like 31 inches.

I've been eating crap today and I really feel like I'll have NO problem getting back on the wagon tomorrow because the wagon feels better.

I still need to figure out a sustainable 80/20 balance...for instance I might have the carnitas scramble at Chow on Saturday and eat the black beans....but NOT the tortillas.

I could NOT have gotten this job (where I'm now sweating out the background check) with that body.

I've made two deals with god to get the job and I intend to keep my end. I will give sitting Zazen at least an honest go and I will go to an OA meeting. Not sure which will be more painful.

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