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Two emotional things today

I had promised "him" that if I got the job, I would 1. Try sitting i.e Zen Buuddhism (for Hubby) and go to an OA meeting for Peggy. I'm not the kind of girl who renegs on my deals, so yesterday I went to the Zen center for beginners sitting class, but got a reprieve when the Zen center was closed.

Today was the meeting. Lots of feels. Lots of judgements. Deja vu all over again. (No matter how much they've changed some of the cosmetics...the fact that they've had to, points up the flaws in applying the 12 Steps to eating.) Basically going to an OA meeting makes me need an AA or NA meeting. My body was there, but not my heart or mind.

And then Peggy held my hand as I did the truly traumatic, emotional thing of the day. I bought a bathing suit for the first time in over ten years. Not fun, not easy and nothing I want to do anytime again soon....however-MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Yesterday I got into some non-Paleo food and my healthy body struck back with a vengeance to protect itself from the poison. Hopefully my mind will retain the lesson for awhile-gluten/sugar/dairy/grain and yes, even legumes, are BAD SHIT. (And I can't handle nuts because of my personal cray-cray.)
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