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Maui 2014-Day 2-Continued.

Pictures from Days 1 & 2 on Flickr

After getting the good news about the job, we went to Betty's Beach Cafe for breakfast. Another Moco Loco for me. It was good, but I forgot to order my patty rare, so not great. So what? I got the fucking job! I got through the fucking background check. I'm getting away from the desk of doom! It's hard to think of a time I've been that happy since my wedding day.

I HAD to call someone to squeeeeeeee, so I shared the news with hllangel.

This is the first picture taken of me after I got the news.

Our mission for the day was to get to the Maui Ocean Center so Hubby could do some sketching. Since it was way to far for the bikes (and Hubby wouldn't leave the bikes outside anyway) and we didn't want to blow the big $$$ on a taxi, so we took the local bus, which also had the benefit of being delightfully air conditioned.

Much as we love being warm in Maui, at heart we are San Franciscans and the heat of the day tends to wear us down, especially the humidity. And with my sun-phobia (more on that later) I tend to have a long-sleeved cover-up on when outdoors until the sun goes down.

Another paradox---I HATE zoos, but I love aquariums and this is one of my favorites. Hubby did a lot of sketching, and I mostly chilled out and looked at the pretty fishies and took pictures. I didn't have my Ipod or reading material, but again, NOTHING could bother me.

This guy is my new favorite fish.

Once we got back to Lahaina, hubby took a nap and then a trip to the hot-tub, while I went for a bike ride, trying to do about 10 miles. Then I also got in some hut-tub and New Yorker reading time.

This meant we got out for dinner around 830PM, which is when EVERYBODY in Lahaina is trying to get into the major restaurants on Front Street and since we didn't got to Betty's, we were constantly being told there were waits of 20 to 30 minutes, which in spite of the job news was starting to piss me off. We meandered up Lahainaluna St and saw a sign saying "Lahaina Grill," and went in. They were able to seat us and from the name, I thought it would be some nice mid-range diner or burger joint.

Au contraire mon cheri

Lahaina Grill

As soon as we glanced at the menu, I murmured to Hubby, "Just give them the credit card and pretend we can afford it."

More like Gary Danko than Mel's.

If the prices didn't give it away, there was the hilarious moment when Noah, our waiter (one of a team of three, who was serving us) asked if I wanted a black napkin, because I was wearing black pants. HILARIOUS.

The food was amazing. They brought out some seeded rolls with herbed butter and that's when my food started going seriously off the rails....I was like "Gluten, schmuten---GIVE ME THE BREAD!"

Hubby had a massive New York Strip Steak and I had the fish special...some white fish with a risotto. At this point the paleo was flying out the window, but I did insist that they replace the champagne reduction sauce with something non-acoholic. It was delicious. Really amazing. Gross in retrospect, but delicious at the time and we really did want a celebration.

We STAGGERED back to the hotel and crashed HARD!

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