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Maui 2014-Day 3-The Long Ride.

How long? Really long. On a rented bike. With hills. Against a headwind. With some very scary intersections.

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Why did we do this round trip, in the heat of the day?

Slack Key Show - Masters of Hawaiian Music

We saw this show last time we were in Maui, when we had the motorcycle and we wanted to see if it was possible to go again, this time using the bikes. The answer turned out to be kind of, but not really. The ride itself was reasonable, if rough on the uphills. The big problem would be coming home in the dark, especially since road TO the Napili Kai resort is super twisty and hilly and we'd be dealing with a lot of traffic. NOT a good idea.

I'm proud of myself for doing the ride, even though some of the hills really beat up my legs. I was riding in long sleeves, in deference to my sun-phobia, but I was so hot on the way home that I rolled up my sleeves and ended up with about a four inch rectangle of sunburn on the top of each arm. Unlike Hubby, riding in short sleeves and getting crispy fried like an idiot.

After the ride, hubby took a nap, and I went to the Maui Swiss Cafe, an internet cafe where I checked email, shared the good news and spent a few minutes back in touch with the world. I also had their AMAZING ice-cream, further sending my Paleo journey off the rails and getting a scolding because they HATE people who eat ice cream while using the computers. You're supposed to wait until afterwards to avoid the possibility of ice-cream/computer interaction. As with the bread at Lahaina Grill...OMG-SO GOOD. The Macadamia Nut ice cream was an obsession in and of itself.

We had dinner at Kimo's, where we heard this gentleman play some very nice Hawaiian Jazz guitar and had a great order of poke, which is sort of like ceviche made with Mahi Mahi.

I also had a non-alcohoic umbrella drink and kept the umbrella.
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