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Fannish bits and bobs.....(Includes Guardians of the Galaxy and True Detective)

For all the pain it ended up causing, it still sort of irks me that TIME MARCHES ON, so that TW now means Teen Wolf, instead of you know what.

Late to the party...True Detective, first three episodes watched last week. OMG! Acting, Writing, Ambiance, Angst, SHIPPING! Matthew McConaughey's ass. I'm not ready to write fanfic, but dayam, that is some good stuff.
Guardian's of the Galaxy...So this is what an MCU movie looks like without a charismatic/or sympathetic lead actor. OK, there was some awesome CGI, but when a CGI tree gives the best performance in three words and it's VIN FUCKING DIESEL, something is very wrong. Also he's still basically playing Chewbacca AND a "magical negro."

Looks like Karen Gillan is going to have a very different career than Carey Mulligan. Always nice to see Peter Serafinowicz.

Maybe it's too late to have Luke Skywalker type be believable, but without at least one NON-SNARKY lead, the snark just gets tiresome. Sorry, Chris Pratt, you are NO Harrison Ford.

There were good bits, but to me it was just too derivative and had no real heart.
When is the 5th Season of Justified going to get out on disc already so I can continue my Raylan/Boyd obsession?
Up to Season 2, Episode 8 of The Wire. It takes awhile to assimilate every episode because they're so "nutrient-dense" as we say in Paleo-land and so painful.

Why am I willing to forgive Jimmy McNulty anything and everything, while I want Ziggy dead and off my screen a zillion times over.
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