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Maui 2014-Day 4-Paddle board lesson.

Full set of photos now up at Flickr

One thing Hubby wanted to do on this trip was take a stand up paddle board lesson, and since Goofyfoot Surf School was right there across from Betty's Beach Cafe and therefore essentially next door to our hotel, it seemed the likely place to sign up.

I was on a bit of mission to push through some of my own boundaries on this trip, including the long ride and just the fact that I was wearing a bathing suit in the hot tub instead of my usual shorts and jog-bra. For the paddle-board, I had to fight my fear of sunburn, of falling, of looking silly and of course fear of failure. I've had a few surf lessons and never been able to get up on the board. Never. Of course mostly I was scared of sunburn, no matter how much block I put on my legs, I knew it would all wash off in the water.

The paddle board thing has really taken off since our last trip to Maui in 2008, when you barely saw any paddle boarders in the water and now it's EVERYWHERE and every surf school has lessons. I get the feeling the "real" surfers are kind of pissed, especially when the paddle boarders move in on their waves.

Our teacher was Marissa who was tan, if not tall, but definitely young and very patient with all my fears. She also helped me get my board to the water, because apparently all my weight training hasn't given me enough strength to schlep a full sized surf-board.

She was very matter-of-fact and supportive, even though she really must have been frustrated with me as I was pretty inept. Hubby was better, especially since has paddling experience from kayaking. He was up and paddling in about 15 minutes. I spent most of our time in the water on my knees, but I did get up a few times, if only for three or four seconds, but up I got. Rough on the knees though.

Sorry, no pictures.

It was fun, and I would definitely do it again....which we didn't get to on this trip. Hubby fell off at one part and did a bit of ouchie to his coccyx.

Had another Loco Moco at Betty's, then went for a bike ride followed by a long walk with Hubby. I paid another visit to Maui Swiss Cafe to indulge in some internet time and more ice-cream.

I was biking and running like crazy, but I can always eat faster than I can exercise.

We went back to Betty's for dinner. I had the fish and chips...ok, but not great. I think Mahi is just not a good choice for fish and chips.

Who cares? I was still at Betty's and still in Paradise!
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