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Time to get honest-I've put weight back on.

A LOT! I went off the rails in Maui, but I wasn't doing that well before hand.

I keep putting one or two days together, but even with freedom at hand, the anxiety of what I'm still going through catches up with me and I feel like I have to eradicate it with food.

The same way I can't remember where I got my fanfic writing energy, I can't remember how I managed to stay out of the crap and binging as long as I did.

I'm one month away from a half marathon and I'm afraid I'm totally not in shape for it.

Today I did a slow, flat 8 miles. I wanted 10, but my back died around 7 and my legs gave out around 7.80. Binging the night before probably didn't help. I am so screwed!


Distance: 8.00 mi
Time: 2:46:07
Avg Pace: 20:41 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 42 ft
Calories: 844 C
Tags: blog, exercise, food, journal, personal
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