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Last Day at Desk of Doom

Part of me is thinking "it didn't have to be this way," but if you go back to my earliest posts...I was never particularly happy here, certainly not once I started on this account. It's just been over eight years of hanging in because I was afraid to leave.

If I'd felt I was being taken seriously in my quest for a move into management, I might have hung on a bit longer, but the writing was on the wall when Bubbles moved to the Titanium Desk and I got the new manager from hell.

Then it went really tits up when my co-worker cracked and walked out on me in May...AFTER months of begging me not to leave. (I'm planning to see him next week. Let's see if I get an apology of any kind.)

I'm still not sure I'll be much better in the new position, but it will certainly be DIFFERENT, although travel related. Much less saying "no" due to company policy. It's basically a situation where if the client can afford it, it's my job to get it. There will also be spa treatments and a wine-bar. (For the clients, not me.) I'll be wearing a uniform.

I just want to get through today without cracking in my current Whole30 attempt, which is going fairly well. Three nights of successful Intermittent Fasting and no cracks in the sugar/gluten/grain/dairy wall.

Plans for next week include a massage, several yoga classes, getting my bike fixed again, and MAYBE learning to repair my own damn flats.

Training/Orientation for the new job starts on August 25. I got my I9 form today, so I know I've still actually got the job. WHEW!
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