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Doctor Who-Deep Breath


There's was ALMOST nothing about this that didn't make me profoundly happy....except the fact that I am beyond over Jenny and Vastra...however, somewhat compensated for by the fact that they joined the Doctor in calling out Clara on her "Impossible Girl" BULLSHIT. (Even Strax got into the act.) Capaldi's grown-up Doctor made Clara infinitely more tolerable and their snarky banter beat whatever rubbish Moff was foisting on Smith and Coleman by a long-shot.

Capaldi is fucking amazing he is clearly bringing out better writing in Moff....Loved the "I am Scottish" stuff, and the give and take with mechanicals and the allusions to Girl In The Fireplace. The creepy creepy WTF at the end was good, although it signalled that we're in for one of these season-long arcs where Moff pulls some random explanation out of his arse.

Oh well.....I'm just thrilled and delighted with Peter Capaldi's Doctor. Every time he speaks, I breath a sigh of relief that the 11 years are OVER. So much that I even liked his interpolation at the near-end, especially using it to point out that Capaldi is a grown-up (or to a Matt Smith fanbrat-old.)

Actually looking forward to the next episode and I think that last time that happened was very early in Eleven's run. I was over him when he threw his temper tantrum in The Beast Below.

Now....where's my Twelve/Jack fic?
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