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Epic food/workout fail.

So I thought I'd skip my green smoothie until after I worked out this morning, especially since I was planning to get on the scale. A lot of the pod-casts I've been listening to suggest working out before intaking any protein/carbs etc.

Today, being Labor Day, the BART was on Sunday schedule....as I found out when I tried to take it at 730AM. Ended up grabbing a cab downtown, because I have to weigh in on the downtown scale.

Not surprisingly, I had NOTHING in the tank and was barely able to do push-ups, abs and roll out. Facing the actual weights was impossible. Furthermore everything hurt. I've stopped taking ibuprofen, so that when I take Vicodin for the 1/2 Marathon on Sunday, it has the best chance to knock out my pain receptors. I've been in low-level state of soreness all week, but without anything in my system and no Wholemega or Hydroxycut, the roll out was excruciating and my knees weren't even happy about the stairs.

So I headed for the locker room and the scale. Last week I could have sworn the miserable thing said I was up to 167 and I started seeing and thinking of myself that way. This week it said 149 1/2. (Not remotely acceptable, but better than believing I'm that close to putting it all back on.) Under no circumstances do I think I dropped that much in a week, even a really good week. Following a fairly decent 10 days and a MASSIVE nut & cookie binge. Obviously the thing was fucked up last week. Or this week? ARRRGGGGHHHH!

I will say that NOT being a cortisol-producing machine is probably helping, but not to the tune of 20lbs in a week.

Anyway-at this point, my game plan is to get to the starting line on Sunday with as little soreness as possible and finish the thing in however long it takes. Then I'm going to change my workout focus to lifting heavy things, walking a lot and sprinting a little. (i.e Sisson/Wolf etc.)

I may revisit the minimal shoe thing for walking and see if that helps with some of the damage I've inflicted with my running delusion all these years. I've never been very good or fast, but I adopted this "runner" persona and felt like I had to stick with it. All I've got to show are fucked up knees and a lot of tee-shirts.

Also---lots of yoga. The two month virtual training schedule is 8A-430P M-F so I have to get to the gym by 6AM, which going by Thursday and Friday, I can do. Then take the 530P "Happy Hour" yoga class at Laughing Lotus. Much more challenging than "Morning Flow" but maybe that's what it will take to restore some mobility.

Definitely want to be in tip-top shape when Centurion Lounge opens (hopefully) in November, plus lots of core strength needed for being on my feet a lot.

I'm still sitting once a day and creeping toward accepting a first step in OA...creeping very slowly. It may not be the OA of the 80's, but the inherent contradiction remains, "I'm powerless over food....here's my food plan." IF I can find a sponsor who'd be open to my "food plan" being the Paleo/Primal guidelines along with my personal tweaks regarding the nuts, dried fruit and carrots....maybe.

I'm still super happy and excited about the new job. If nothing else, my need NOT to fuck that up, should carry me through the next few months. The one thing I know for a fact is that sugar makes me stupid.
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