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Doctor Who-Into the Dalek

You know, I'm just not that into Daleks. I find them more annoying than terrifying and so the Doctor's OTT Dalek-hate doesn't quite work for me.

I still love all of Capaldi's character touches, especially the Twelve/Clara snark.

Some writing quibbles---did they really do a whole Dalek show and not touch on the fact that Clara WAS a Dalek? Wouldn't she have some insight? Or did I completely misunderstand that episode because I was already sinking into indifference toward Eleven?

Is it relevant that we have a Journey Blue and a Danny Pink, and they're both soldiers? I really liked Danny, but felt that the single tear of manpain was a bit much. I did love Journey, especially when I briefly thought she was the actress who played my beloved Sally Donovan in Sherlock, rather than only in the unaired pilot. They really do look alike though, so in my mind she still validates my Sally-love.

The "Am I a Good Man" bit might have had more impact, if it hadn't been shown in every promo for all these months.

Nice lampshade hanging there for the "Fantastic Voyage" ripoff.

I am starting to get curious about Missy's "Heaven," although I still dread what Moff's ass-pulling resolution is going to be.

I wonder if the "if only you weren't a soldier" bit was also a shout-out to "The Doctor's Daughter." Maybe he doesn't want Journey around because it would remind him too much of Jenny?

After seeing a "plain clothes" photo shoot pic on Tumblr, I've decided that while I don't ship Twelve/Clara, I could definitely go for some hot Peter/Jen. My older man fetish lives!

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