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Maui 2014-Day 6-Massages and Karaoke!

Yes, it was over a month ago, but I'm still determined to have a full blogged account of the trip. It will probably be my last vacation for quite awhile, I'd like to re-live it and invite you to join me.

Full photo set on Flickr

This was the day I'd been waiting for. As you know, I love Karaoke (DUH!) and one of the out-of-town places I love doing it is Kobe Steakhouse in Lahaina, which is a very close walk to Lahaina Shores. I know there are some other places that have Karaoke near Lahaina, but I love Kobe and I love the host Toddy Lilikoi.

Toddy is sweet and friendly, helps you sing if you're having a key issue, and encourages "Hana Ho" which means if you get a big round of applause, you get to sing again immediately instead of waiting for the next round. I got LOTS of Hana Ho.

They also have the old-school Pioneer Lazer Disc videos in all their surreal wackiness. Although I could have lived without a video for "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" being ALL BABIES, ALL THE TIME! UGH.

Anyway, I sang myself hoarse, which is my definition of a good Karaoke night.

Other highlights of the day were getting a massage from Brenda at Lahaina Massage, which I DESPERATELY needed and dinner at Lahaina Coolers. Service was MEH, but I did have an amazing burger. (I love Kobe for karaoke, but the food isn't all that...it may be called Kobe Steakhouse, but it's not a kobe steak house...basically Beni-hana style, if slightly more authentic.)

Went home that night happy, but getting seriously exhausted and almost ready for vacation to be over.

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