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Two milestones.

Saturday was my 24th wedding anniversary. A fact I had completely forgotten until Hubby bestowed THIS on me at Chow at brunch. OOPS.

In my defense, I have had a lot on my mind lately.


I've completed my last 1/2 Marathon. In deference to my lower back and knees, I'm not going to try any more distance running above 10-K and it'll probably be mostly 5-Ks. From here on in, it's "lift heavy things, sprint a little, run a lot." Plus working on mobility and some bike riding.

I'm REALLY happy with my stats. Thanks to Ivan for getting me to the starting line, Vicodin, Flexeril and Tiger Balm for getting me through and Hubby for putting up with my illusion of myself as this gazelle that I never was and was never going to be.

Check out the splits: Garmin Forerunner stats.

Some of those miles are faster than I've ever run in my life. I think the strength training and yoga helped, as well as Ivan driving me down to the start line. Or maybe just having less of me to shlep around.
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