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Notes on maintaining goddess nails.

For those of you who don't know, I maintain my by nails by getting silk wraps over acryllic tips and then having fills done approximately every two weeks. You can keep a set going for about 3-4 months that way, but at some point they will get dried out and fall off.

That just happened to me. All the tips on my right hand just peeled off, some of them with a little help. (And yeah, it did look at little bit like that scene in the The Fly.) However none of the ones on my left hand did and I can't use the paper thin nails left on my right hand to pry them off.

This means I have to go about two more hours with one hand looking seriously gnarly and try not to break any of what's left of those nails until I can get out of here and up to Kathy's for a new full set. The reason to be careful of the existing nails is that if there's enough there, I might be able to get the silk wraps laid over my actual nails instead of an acryllic tip. This will save a lot of time in the process.

I was going to pick up laundry on my way home, but hey, priorities.
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