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Something amazing happened today

Actually let’s go back to last week. At the end of Friday’s training, we each got a little five minute personal chat with the trainer and team leader. During mine, I was told that the San Francisco team was lucky to have me and what a “positive attitude” I had. ME! Positive attitude. All I could think was a very House-ian “Have you met me?” POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Shocking, right?

Today we were working on customer service, how to empathize with the client, make them feel appreciated etc. They gave us an exercise where we had to read a short piece of writing and respond. I was absolutely sure the point of the assignment was to explain how we empathized with the main character, who was in a scary situation. There were two glaring SPaG errors…two uses of it’s/its, both wrong for the context.

I’ve spent years at the Desk of Doom, using LJ to rant about the atrocious grammar and usage I was forced to deal with. I didn’t want to say anything that would get me branded as a smart-ass or trouble-maker. Clearly someone at Amex wrote that passage and didn’t think there was anything wrong. Why the hell would I make my new company look bad, right?

But it was bugging the living shit out of me. Sooooo…..I made a joke that it was bugging my inner English teacher because of the mis-use of it’s/its. Then I went on to talk about the creepiness etc, but honestly thought I might be kissing my brilliant future at Amex good-bye.

It turned out that the point of the exercise….WAS TO NOTICE THE SPELLING AND GRAMMAR ERRORS. (I’d only mentioned the it’s/its, but there were others.)

According to the trainer, in the entire time they’ve been using that test, I’m the only one who ever got it right.

Maybe I was just the only one with the balls/stupidity to say anything.
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