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It keeps getting better

In today's episode of "I don't even believe this shit" (IN A GOOD WAY)

My hand to god, not a word of a lie, one of today's assignments was to write a story about an American Expresss Card Member and how they were helped by the particular features and benefits of their specific card products. I banged out 500 words on the glories of Roadside Assistance.

Yes, folks, I'm now being asked to write fanfic about my own company.


Got my oh so beat-up body back to yoga tonight. Was able to go much further than I thought I would. Worked up a good sweat and had a very relaxing Savasana.

I'm not willing to completely declare victory over my various food crazies, but I have been honoring my hunger and eating real food with the Paleo guidelines. It's probably the decrease in stress hormones kicking in, but now that my cortisol and leptin are better regulated, I'm starting to experience satiety after some meals without needing to push myself into that one piece of fruit too many.
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