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Positivity meme-Day 4

Ganked from alba17

Rules: During the next five days, post three positive things about your day and ask three people to do the same so the positive attitude can gain some ground.

1. I'm still kind of stunned by how many people told me how HORRIBLE American Express was and how much I would hate working for them. I understand this is a honeymoom period of training, but people have been so nice from day 1. Today they were very concerned about me and Hubby and the trainers went out of their way to review the material I missed yesterday. Both my trainers and co-workers are just the best people.

2. Hubby is home with a pin in his arm and doing well. (The nerve block is probably helping too.)

3. I haven't responded to the stress by binging. If I needed an excuse to get into the sugar/carbs/gluten/grains/dairy or even to dive into a bag of nuts, this would have been the perfect opportunity. I'm not going to say there are no cravings, but at this point, it's mental, rather than physical.
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