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Shit's getting real.

One month into the new job adventure. Recent developments.

One of my uglier character defects is zealotry with a side dose of self-righteousness. I do believe sugar is poison and no one who cares about their health has any business messing around with gluten, but it's not my place to tell anyone that or to diagnose their eating disorders/need for OA, when I won't even admit to actually being in or and refuse to call my 37 days since my last binge "abstinence."

Meanwhile...last week we had to send in measurements for our uniforms, which means actually putting a tape measure around various parts of my anatomy. That was fun.

We also had to send in our bids for what shifts we wanted. Somehow, I ended up with the 2nd bidding position, although I offered to be flexible if someone else needed it. I'm hoping to end up with an all late-shift sched ule that gives me Mon/Tues off. Partially having to do with my preferred OA meeting and yoga classes.

I wore the size 8 Dockers yesterday. Not loose, mind you, but room to breath and sit. (I also carried my own food, since I refuse to trust anything they might make or serve at the airport.)

24 days to my 50th birthday!
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