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The key to a successful karaoke night...

Is knowing when to leave. I wasn't in good voice last night. I could feel myself straining and the crowd wasn't into me anyway, so I got out, hit Whole Paycheck and got home into time to have my food cut-off at 10P.

Almost more miraculous than not binging in about 40 days is the curtailment of my night eating problem. The nut-butter thing IS working. (Cashew, almond, pistachio etc-NO LEGUMES)

Meanwhile...now I have to get a copy of my wedding certificate.

To work at the airport in a post-security location, I have to be badged, therefore I had to be fingerprinted. I was quite shocked to discover that this process no longer involves any actual inking of the fingers, but I digress. To be fingerprinted, I had to provide 2 forms of ID. OK, fine...my state ID and my birth certificate, right? Except of course, my birth certificate is in my maiden name and my ID isn't....so I have to provide a copy of marriage certificate in order to explain the discrepancy? EXCUSE ME?

Even this isn't as simple as just calling up City Hall...oh no no. I had to sent Hubby to have a document notarized to request the document since his is the first name on it. At this point my feminist hackles are up big time, but of course if I were really a feminist, I probably wouldn't have changed my name in the first place. (I only did it to get a better name.)


I finally got off the pot and officially joined Laughing Lotus. I was going to wait until my actual birthday, but since I'm averaging 2-3 classes per week at 17.00 a pop, the monthly membership made more sense. So now I'm really committed to my practice. I can't wait until the Lounge opens, since I got the late shift, so I can do the 7AM classes, including Kirtan meditation/chanting on Tuesdays and Fridays.

This will probably change with the next bid, but for now...I've basically go 2-10 or 3 to 11 with Monday and Tuesdays off. The downside is I'm going to lose my Sundays at the Mint.

So far I haven't had the guts to tell Yanni.


Next project is putting together my Halloween costume. Fake boobs will be involved.

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