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Another step in becoming one of THOSE people...

I'm making bone broth. The crock-pot is simmering away and will continue to do so for at least another 24 hours, maybe longer. I started it last night and I've got some pretty heavy bones in there as well as a foot (I think it's a calf, might be a pig) to make sure there's lots of collagen.

I've thrown away all the prepared boullion and packaged soup in the house. I hit a wall with my own hypocrisy where I couldn't just lalala my way thru all the crap I was cooking my veggies in, especially the MSG and sugar, not to mention the potential GMO ingredients. I've already borrowed a few tablespoons of the broth in progress to cook some veggies today.

I'm doing a bone broth with mammal bones first and if that isn't a total disaster, I'll try one with the poultry bones I've been saving.

Since getting engrossed in the Paleo-sphere, I've read some pretty extravagant claims for the power of bone broth. I'm NOT expecting it to give me shiny hair or glowing skin or to completely clean up any digestion issues and inflammation I might have. I'm certain not counting on it to get rid of my cellulite although obviously I wouldn't object if it did.

Mostly I want a way to get more protein, possibly reduce joint soreness following workouts, and possibly have an alternative to the green smoothie making process on cold mornings.

I'm slightly embarrassed by the whole thing because making bone broth is such a classic paleo move, right down to the on-line controversies over how to make it and whether re-heating it in a microwave is eeeeevil.
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