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Happy Birthday to Me

That's the big 5-0 kiddies.

This is what 50 looks like.

My day so far:
5A-Green smoothie.
7A-Yoga class
815A-Kirtan chanting.
845A-Bone broth

10A-downtown to the gym...lifted some heavy things and got on the scale. Assuming the number from 60 days ago can be be believed and today's can be believed, I've lost 22 lbs in 2 months doing Paleo, with NO sweeteners, no dried fruit and no nuts. HOWEVER, I have eaten fat (real fat, good fat) up the wazoo. Give up the gluten,, folks. Life will get better.
After that I treated myself to $20.00 splurges at LUSH and Rasputin Records.
Then I hit Whole Foods, came home and did a bunch of veggie cooking.
As part of my lunch, I had about 1/4 of the Delicata Squash that I baked a few days ago. OMG! So good.
I'm going to chill out now, maybe take a nap. I've got PTO today and tomorrow. Going to try for some karaoke tonight.

Tomorrow, I'm seeing my doctor to discuss when I might start experiencing Hot Flashes and when I can stop taking my birth control pills. Also getting nails and waxing done...Sunday is HAIR DAY and my very casual, informal get-together at the Mint. 4-8P. I'll get some fruit salad shipped in from Whole Foods.

Next week we really start training in the Lounge and we're going to (allegedly) open on the 6th of November. That's when EVERYTHING CHANGES!

My next "Paleo" goal is to get to Halloween, when I'll be in a form fitting costume and no forgiveness.

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