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Things that are making my life better. (Aside from the new job.)

I do realize exactly how hippie-dippie, Portlandia-esque, I've gotten on this whole Paleo/Real Food/Primal journey. Here are the highlights.

1. Green smoothies.
2. Yoga/meditation/Kirtan
3. Making and consuming bone broth. (There's a new batch simmering right now.)
4. Giving up "chronic cardio" in favor of lifting heavy things, yoga, walking and sprinting.
5. Aroma-therapy/Essential oils.
6. Minimal shoes. (But NOT Vibram five-fingers)
7. Valuing sleep over anything that I could be reading or watching.
8. Getting my ass back to a 12-Step meeting once a week.

And five things I couldn't/can't/won't do.

1. Kombucha (sugar + alcohol, not happening)
2. Being a Locavore. I tried, but I really love bananas...and pineapples...and a bunch of other things that ain't growing within 500 miles of SF, much less 100.
3. Giving up ALL non-organic shampoo/soap/cosmetics.
4. Giving up my microwave---yes, I'm re-heating my bone broth in a microwave oven.
5. Completely giving up Ibuprofen. (I'm still hoping to do this.)
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