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A bit of TMI-Age 50 edition

Notes from my "well woman" exam.

1. My doctor thinks there's a mass of some kind in my abdomen and that it might be fibroids. I explained those were my rock-hard abs, but she was unconvinced and there's an ultrasound in my future.

2. Don't laugh, but I'm still on the pill. Apparently the only way to find out if I'm in menopause is to stop taking them and see if I get a period or not. As long as I'm taking them, I'll have a period and not get hot flashes. BUT....I'm still terrified of getting pregnant. I'd have no problem terminating if it happens, but I'd rather not be in that position, and I'm not a fan of the various back-up methods or having to put Hubby through that. My doctor thinks it's unlikely that I could get pregnant...one of my co-workers pointed out it would be a MIRACLE...but my doctor re-upped me anyway. I'll wait a year and then maybe, MAYBE try stopping.

3. Speaking of unpleasant procedures: apparently being 50 means I need to get a colonoscopy.

4. And I have to get another mammogram. SHEESH!

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