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This is it guys!

7 months after the first application online at the depths of depression and desperation, my really real for reals job at the Centurion Lounge at SFO starts today.

I was at 430AM taking a hot bath so I wouldn't eat until 5AM. As of today, it's 93 days since my last binge, night eating, grain, gluten, sugar, honey, or artificial sweetener.

At 5AM, I had a green smoothie.
630AM-10 minute of free writing about a painful topic. (I'm doing a whole month on my father.)
7A-1 hr yoga class
815A-30 minutes of Kirtan chanting.
Walked to/from Whole Foods in the early morning sun.
945A-refueling and protein/fruit/veg cooking for later. (I also have a new batch of Bone Broth simmering.)
Just woke up and I'm getting ready to get dressed in my uniform.
At 245P I will be behind the Member Services Desk at the Cenutrion Lounge, ready to welcome in my first guest.
As of my birthday, I was weighing in at about 145 meaning nearly a 50lb sustained loss from March of 2013, but now based on a completely different way of eating.

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