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I love my job, I love my job, I love my job!

I come home tire, but happy. I sleep soundly. I'm treated with dignity and respect by my superiors and my patrons. I'm on my feet a lot and sometimes they hurt by the end of the day, but I get to spend most of my time making people happy, whether it's by showing them where the rest-rooms are, bringing them a plate of cookies, or just commiserating about the delay in their flight.

I take yoga as many days a week as possible and I'm truly committed to the manatra: Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu-May all beings be happy. I meditate in some way everyday, whether it's thru Kirtan chanting or just sitting quietly for 10 minutes in the airport's Reflection Room.

I HUG my co-workers when I see them, instead of feeling like everyone has some passive-aggressive, back-stabbing agenda. Overtime is completely pre-approved instead of being a big issue that needs to be advised and preferably ok'd in advance.

I walk through that Lounge like a fucking queen and if I have to do a shower re-set or carry dishes back to the kitchen, that's fine too.

Mostly I can't believe how miserable I was for how long and that I put up with it, mostly out of fear and how the fear was driven by lack of self-esteem.

I love my uniform too!

Still paleo, still not binging, even though I have taken back measured amounts of nuts and dried fruits for my "munch" on the way to work and I get to eat dinner from the buffet. I have the pumpkin, mushrooms, bitter greens and pork. Still making and drinking bone broth and usually starting the day with a green smoothie and some supplements.

My biggest problem is trying to find a throat lozenge with NO sugar or artificial sweetener.

I'm still working out how the late shift affects my mornings and ability to nap. I've started making my green smoothie the night before so I can have it at exactly 5A without worry about waking up Hubby.

Hubby, by the way has gone completely around the bend. On word: Ingress.

Hey, it makes him happy and keeps him from being too whingy about my schedule taking me away from him so much while he's still out of work on disability.

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