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100 TV Shows #79-True Detective

True Detective

I'm posting late (six months since my last entry for this meme) and I was late to the party, nearly oblivious when this was actually being shown. I knew it was on HBO, but after my experiences with The Sopranos and Mad Men, I was afraid that any pay-channel based drama would be too dark. (I'm still only on the second season of The Wire.) I also somehow had the idea that it was based on "True Detective" magazine from the 50's. I'm not sure how or why I decided to put it on our Netflix queue. I honestly had no idea what it was about and neither McConaughey or Harrelson are among my favorites. Basically, I was desperate to find something Hubby would watch besides going through the same Misomer Murders over and over and OVER!

OMG! I was hooked in the first five minutes, maybe with the first few chords of the theme music. (Loves me some T-Bone!)

The writing, the acting, the direction, did I mention the music. Everything was absolute perfection. Suddenly, Rust and Marty were the first slash pairing I'd shipped in ages, as opposed to faking it to be in with a fandom in-crowd. There was no crowd. It was just me and Hubby and when I mentioned that Woody was totally looking at Matthew's ass in one scene, he gave me the old non-shipper "can't they just be friends?" routine.

(Oh yeah, I'm a sucker for unreliable narrators, as one Mr. Humbert can vouch for...assuming you want to believe him.)

We whipped through those disks in like three weeks and I didn't want it to end. It's the first time I've gone looking for fic for any fandom in months. This show re-ignited every fannish/shipper/slash gene in my body, at least temporarily.

I was watching it during the last days of the Desk of Doom, when I was miserable at work and desperately trying to get the new job, but not really believing it was going to happen. My new co-worker at the time was a native of Louisiana, who had seen the show and agreed with me about the awesomeness.

I know it's really more like a long movie than even an arc-driven TV show, but a TV show it is and I loved every minute of it. It's the first thing I've really liked Woody in since Larry Flynt and pretty much the ONLY thing I've really liked Matthew in. I love them as the fictional pair and I love the idea of them as pot-smoking buddies in RPS as well.

I was sad to get to the end, but the ending WAS perfect, so I know I have to let it go. Not sure if I'm at all interested the 2nd season. Vince Vaughan? On the other hand I would have said that about Woody Harrelson.

Either way, it was fun to feel that way again, if only for awhile.

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