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Nice day for a bike ride to Ocean Beach

after which I went to the ob-gyn's office to drop off my medical records in advance of the big Fibroid Pow-Wow.

Home to Ocean Beach to Doctor's office

And then home....total riding distance about 14 miles.

The fun part is, this was the day AFTER the night I didn't get enough sleep due to a computer issue that I was up till past 1AM resolving, which turned out to be mostly Hubby's fault. I did deal with it, I didn't binge over it and I didn't lay the massive guilty trip on Hubby that I would very much like to have done when he refused to be probably self-abasing or apologetic.

I totally didn't stretch after the ride, or even hit the foam roller. I did meditate and I went to the 530PM Happy Hour Yoga class at Laughing Lotus....some of which is way past my ability or comfort level. One intention for my practice in 2015 is to get into a headstand.
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