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I haven't had as much time to walk around town taking pictures lately....

but I did want to share this fellow:

I'm still loving the job, but it takes a lot out of me in a good way. I give my all to each guest, instead of just schlumping along and doing the absolute minimum, while hating every minute of it. I also sort of miscalculated how much time I'd get with Hubby on the schedule, which I selfishly took to get MY priorities in terms of yoga, OA meeting etc. He's happy I'm happy, but not happy with not seeing me, which is fair enough.

We've been operating with two less people than should be staffing the Lounge than we should, so when the two new people are up and running there should be a new bid-shift and I will do better at taking his needs into consideration.

If I don't kill him first:

I get home from the OA meeting feeling pretty good.

Put my dinner together, get ready to go on-line....Windows won't let
me in. Says is can't load my user profile...blah blah blah. Several
reboots later, it's definitely starting to freak me out. It knows
it's my password, but something is wrong.....when I talk to
Hubby....who recently put on some tuneup program because it was
running too slowly for him when he uses it to watch the QI's I have
downloaded or just because his battery doesn't hold a charge (DELL!)
He's all, "don't blame me" and "take it to the shop in the morning."

In the morning? Does he know me? I get on the phone and find some
folks in India and about four hours later, I fall asleep while they
are still working on it remotely....it's fine now, and it cost about
$120.00 (USD) but they want me to do a two year contract for $300.00.

They are POSITIVE the situation was at least partially caused by the
tune-up program which was in conflict with our recently renewed

I AM LIVID. I could feel the cortisol going the whole time.

I dealt with it and I did not binge, although if I were going to, it would have been a perfect trigger.

Monday was 120 days since my last binge, and I've finally decided to call it abstinence. I even got an OA sponsor again, something I said I would NEVER do.

I also didn't lay as much of a guilt trip on Hubby as I would have enjoyed (temporarily) but I didn't get much of an apology either. I suspect this has to do with him being passive-aggressive about the above-mentioned shift situation.

Moving on.

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