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Impromptu gratitude list.

1. Shoes
2. I ate my lunch (all of it) sitting down, with a fork and I feel satisfied with it.
3. My Torchwood rage (or even House MD rage) feels like a lifetime ago.
4. Yoga at Laughing Lotus
5. Especially the Kirtan practice led by Astrud, kind of my latest girl-crush.
6. Bulletproof coffee tea.
7. BART discount for working at the airport. I was paying nearly $20.00 per day round-trip. Now it's abouthalf that...which still puts me ahead of anyone paying gas and parking..
8. New shift-bid coming up. I've loved having the Monday/Tuesday off, but Hubby is not a happy camper. It looks likes there's at least one option where I could get Saturday/Sunday and still work nights. I'd even get my Karaoke day back.
9. 148 days since my last binge.
10. The Wire. It took awhile, but I'm one disc away from finishing season 2.
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