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I let Hubby get me an Iphone, mostly so I can follow people on Instagram. Otherwise, it's just a big anxiety-causing nuisance. I was perfectly happy with my tiny little POS "stupid phone" that I can drop and put back together, and it still works. But he kind of insisted because now that I got a schedule where we'll have weekends together again, he really wants me to play this Ingress bullshit with him, and I'm not not interested you don't even want to know. BUT I got the damn thing...downloaded the app....tried to set up the account....and NOTHING FUCKING WORKS. I have a "welcome" email with my username, but when I try to get a password reset it tells me the account isn't active. I've tried it with both username and email.

I super annoyed and it's ruining my "Saturday" on a day when I need to be a de-stressed as possible because starting Wednesday I'm going to be working ten days in a row until the new schedule kicks in and I get Saturday Sunday off and I can have my karaoke back. I know it's a stupid bullshit thing, but NOTHING gets me less mindful, relaxed, un-stressed, and raises my belly-fat attracting cortisol higher than stupid bullshit not working.

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